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Our team of experienced angels will make sure you receive excellent service that is second to none.
Your choice of Angelhands service will enable you to begin a journey of de-stressing, mental relaxation, therapy and sensual awakening.

Tantra Touch

Tantric massage is an ancient Indian massage technique dating back 5000 years. The massage commences with a gentle rhythm of strokes on the body to prepare a peaceful heart and a restful spirit. By utilizing soft and yet deliberate strokes, the art of tantric massage connects men and women at a deeper spiritual level. The massage awakens both body and spirit allowing the mind to be free of troublesome thoughts and the body to relax and fall into a free and natural state. The therapist will gently stroke and caress every inch of your body slowly removing your stress and enabling you to have a refreshed appreciation of the beautiful body of the opposite gender. The naughty naked body contacts combined with gentle and yet seductive massage further stimulates your senses and will awaken your sensual awareness and desires. 

The therapist will guide you playfully through this process and help you reach the highest level of pleasure by deliberate, sensitive and unimaginable touches and naked body to body contacts. This ancient technique of tantric massage will awaken your deepest sexual desires, remove any sexual inhibitions and then the release  of sexual energy in a controlled and pleasurable manner. With our therapist, you will learn to experience  increasing levels of pleasure. When the tantric massage is complete, your body, spirit and soul will feel refreshed and renewed. Your body will experience a phase of tingling sensation with a feeling of fulfillment from this rejuvenated energy, ready for any challenges ahead. 
An experience, words can hardly describe.

Tantra Girl

Aromatherapy & Massage

We offer Aromatherapy Massage to our clients who seek a therapeutic approach to manage daily stress and certain physical ailments such as insomnia, digestive disorders, back pain or PMS for the ladies. Aromatherapy deploys the use of concentrated plant oils selected to complement the normal massage oil used during massage. Our therapists will gently stroke and massage our client applying energy and pressure where appropriate. Your body will relax and let go as you drift into a state of total abandon and rest. You will be refreshed physically and spiritually.

Outcall                                        Incall

60 minutes   HK$ 700                   60 minutes   HK$ 700

90 minutes   HK$ 1000                 90 minutes   HK$ 1000


Outcall prices do not include tip           Incall prices include tip

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Tantric & Nuru Massage - Man

Beginning with an exercise to calm the spirit, this message will slowly and gently awaken your body and spirit. The angel will use loving hands that will deliver strokes to stimulate every part of your body. The interaction of two naked bodies enables more physical contact that would create an increasing sense of sexual energy. Men who have received such massages will attest to the depth and amazing effect of the therapy.


Outcall                               Incall

60 minutes   HK$ 1200        60 minutes   HK$ 1000 

90 minutes   HK$ 1600        90 minutes   HK$ 1300

120 minutes  HK$  2 000          120 minutes  HK$ 1700

Tantric & Nuru Massage - Woman

Whether be in your boredom or extreme busyness, you will long for the emotional release and discover that happiness which would help you forget the challenges around you. For business women, single ladies or house wives, tantric massage will enable you to have a greater awareness of your body. With the help of the therapist, you will commence with breathing exercises and enjoy the gentle caress of the therapist's hands exploring every inch of your skin. The therapy will increase the levels of your sensual awareness and raise the intensity of your sensual response. You will finish your session with complete relief and satisfaction, turning a weary and tired body to an energized, sensual being ready for any exciting challenges ahead.


Female Massage

Outcall                               Incall

60 minutes   HK$ 1200        60 minutes   HK$ 1000 

90 minutes   HK$ 1600        90 minutes   HK$ 1300

120 minutes   HK$  2 000          120 minutes HK$ 1700

Mutual Massage

Tantric Massage - Mutual

This service is designed to allow  the client and the masseuse to mutually massage each other, applying the techniques of tantric massage in the nude, during the session. The masseuse will guide the client in breathing, and the delivery of the gentle and stimulating strokes to each other. Major benefit and focus is for the client is to learn theory and practice the technique with the masseuse, and then be able to practice the same technique with his/her partner later on.

Outcall                               Incall

60 minutes   HK$ 1400        60 minutes   HK$ 1200 

90 minutes   HK$ 1800        90 minutes   HK$ 1500

120 minutes  HK$  2 400         120 minutes  HK$  2000

Tantric Massage - Couples

(couples service only available to outcall customer)

Tantric massage has been considered one of the most mysterious but effective ways to break down communication barriers and enhance personal relationships between a man and a woman. Want to spice up that relationship? For husband and wife or boy friend and partner, couples massage will enable you to explore and discover each other again. Under the guidance and leading of the assigned therapist, the couple will be able to abandon their normal worries and be free to re-establish their sensual orientation as they slowly restore their passion for each other. The session provides not only an enjoying and stimulating experience, it also gives an additional therapeutic value to the couple who may long to rediscover each other and renew their passion as well. Why not have an unforgettable experience on that special date, birthdays or anniversary?

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Outcall                               Incall

60 minutes   HK$ 2200        60 minutes   HK$ 1800 

90 minutes   HK$ 3000        90 minutes   HK$ 2600

4 Hands Massage

Tantric Massage - Four Hands

This amazing service is delivered by two well coordinated therapists who think and operate as one.   Four Hands Tantric Massage is an awesome massage service. Together, the 2 angels deliver a harmonious, and yet invigorating massage doubling your pleasure and intensity, soothing every tissue and muscle  while enabling you to be totally freed from the pressures and stresses of the day. Once again, the therapists will deploy the well known tantric massage technique and bring the client to heightened  levels of sensual pleasure - only in twice the intensity and vigor, a must for a busy executive or housewife who yearns for physical and spiritual release.

Outcall                               Incall

60 minutes   HK$ 2200        60 minutes   HK$ 1800 

90 minutes   HK$ 3000        90 minutes   HK$ 2600

All Tantra massage service prices include tip.

If you experience exceptional service "happy" tips are welcome

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